Church = Community in Action

Lately I’ve been noticing how we tend to want people to come to our church because we think it’s the best. Our concern isn’t necessarily for whether or not the individual has already found his or her church home and family, but rather we want to see our own congregation blossom and grow.

In light of this, God has been zooming out my vision so that I can get a glimpse of the Kingdom as a whole. When we look beyond the walls of our church building, we begin to recognize that as God’s sons and daughters we are existing within His Kingdom. And when we refocus on the Kingdom at large, we realize that we need to be working together – not against one another. Salvation is not a competition. And as the collective bride of Jesus Christ, it is our duty and privilege to serve our King as a community in action. We’re not expected to work within our individual congregations and never set foot outside the doors of our separate facilities. We are to swing wide the doors to the Kingdom and invite the orphans to come home.

This is one of my favorite things about leading 18 South Youth Center. We are not denominationally limited. We are not defined by a single church or body of believers. Our goal is to be a representation of the Kingdom with individuals who come from various church families in the greater Red Lion area.

At the moment, our mentors collectively represent four congregations: DOVE Community Church, Bethany United Methodist Church, Living Word Community Church, and Community Cornerstone Grace Brethren. We want to expand that collection to include volunteers from each of the local churches. The more churches that are involved, the better variety of wine skins we’ll have readily available for youth as they connect with mentors, begin learning about God, and start searching for a church family. Our vision is for 18 South Youth Center to represent a regional church reaching out to the lost teensĀ  in our community. It’s time to step up, reach out, and be the church.

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  1. Jane Arter says:

    This is Wonderful!!

    Jane Arter

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