Student Engagement: Teens Create Commercials

One of the most rewarding situations for anyone who works with youth is when those you are investing in turn around and desire to invest in you or your organization. My husband and I are getting ready to move this weekend, and it’s been extremely humbling to hear the teens we work with (my husband, Josh, volunteers at 18 South Youth Center once a week and has been a faithful volunteer since the center opened – long before I was in the picture) expressing their willingness and availability to help us move. We didn’t even have to ask them to help! What an awesome feeling.

I’ve also been talking with a lot of the teens over the past few months about ways to spread the word about 18 South so that more youth can enjoy our facility and be positively influenced by our mentors. A handful of attendees came up with the idea of creating commercials to play on the morning announcements at Red Lion Area Senior High School. Red Lion Area Junior High School has agreed to play the commercials on their announcements, as well. Below is the first of two commercials that are in the works by our students for 18 South!

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