Fear Will Prove To Be A Snare

On this date two years ago, I woke up to my first official day working from home as the sole employee of People That Care Youth Services. This was not one of those moments in life where I had no idea how much I would be stretched – I was well aware of the discomfort and growth that was on its way. And so I cried. Every day. For several weeks.

A lot of the tears were from fear. The one verse I held onto for the longest time, reading it and finding new encouragement in it each day, was Proverbs 29:25: “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but those who trust in the Lord are kept safe.”

I was afraid that the local teens in Red Lion who frequented 18 South Youth Center wouldn’t love and accept me. But I trusted the Lord and loved those teens anyway, and they have loved me back. They have become my family.

I was afraid that I would run the organization into the ground because I had never attempted to manage such a large undertaking before in my life. But I trusted the Lord, and both PTC Youth and 18 South are thriving.

I was afraid that I would fail at fundraising and that the nonprofit would run out of money after my first full year on the job. But I trusted the Lord, and He has provided every single paycheck for the past two years.

And so today I look to the future with our ongoing need for financial support, the dysfunctional teens who are flocking to 18 South with a myriad of painful situations they need help with, and the huge dreams and visions that God has placed within the hearts of myself and the board of directors to further impact this region with the love of Jesus, and there are tiny parts of my brain that tell me to be intimidated and fearful. But instead I am going to choose to trust the Lord, and watch how He provides and blesses and completely blows away my narrow-minded expectations.

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