Howard Joins PTC Youth Board of Directors

PTC Youth Services’ board of directors is growing! Carey Howard joined our team in June 2014, leaving just two vacant positions open.

A skateboarding mentor, teacher, and advocate of more than 15 years, Carey is the president of Howard Manufacturing Services LLC in York and has been skateboarding since he was 5 years old. He attends Living Word Community Church.

A graduate of North County High School in Maryland, Carey’s absolute passion is using skateboarding to reach unchurched youth. He is thrilled to work with PTC Youth Services towards its goal of opening an indoor skate park in the local Red Lion and Dallastown community.

“Fundamentally, I really believe in engaging youth and being an encourager. I want to catch kids at a certain age and impact them,” Carey said. “Skateboarding is a relational activity and a foundation builder. It’s meeting kids where they’re at. I can take skateboarding and create analogies for life.”

In his spare time, Carey also enjoys snowboarding, tinkering with cars, and spending time with his wife, Leah, and their three children: Camden, Keira, and Nadia.

For Carey, the most rewarding part of working with youth is witnessing them begin to understand salvation and apply biblical principles to their life.

“There are a lot of kids that just don’t have parents that talk to them and so they seek attention in really terrible ways,” Carey said. “They just want to be around people that care.”

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