18 South Needs Additional $1k Per Month

Life is messy. Friends betray one another. Family members neglect each other. Loved ones pass away. Bullies target those who are already hurting. Finances run dry. Enthusiasm runs out. Hope dwindles.

We have seen this cycle run its course over and over again throughout the past year at 18 South Youth Center. Our response is to infuse the steadfast love of Jesus Christ into the youth of Red Lion and Dallastown by loving unconditionally, encouraging, developing meaningful relationships, and creating hope-filled memories.

We have reached a crossroads at People That Care (PTC) Youth Services, which owns and operates 18 South Youth Center. To continue meeting our expenses, we need to raise an additional $1,000.00 each month by the end of 2014. I urge you to consider becoming a Partner of Hope with 18 South by contributing $20.00 per month.

Your partnership will allow us to continue reaching milestones, such as the ones listed below from this past year:

• More than 260 teens have walked through our doors so far this year, already surpassing last year’s total attendance. Our monthly attendance has doubled, with 80 teens visiting the center each month.
• We added a Study Hall program on Wednesdays and a monthly Cooking program on Thursdays.
• Recruitment and retention efforts have more than doubled our team of passionate volunteers.
• We took 15 teens to a weekend Winter Youth Retreat at River Valley Ranch in Millers, Md., and we brought 12 teens to Creation Festival in Mount Union, Pa., for a five-day adventure with the Lord.

We have a vision to defeat hopelessness in the youth of Red Lion and Dallastown by offering all of the above and more. Thank you so much for considering supporting 18 South Youth Center!

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18 South Youth Ministries strives to create opportunities for caring, responsible adults with Christian values to build authentic relationships with youth. The nonprofit operates 18 South Youth Center in Red Lion, Pa., which has reached more than 1,000 teens since it opened in November 2007.