18 Teens Learn of God’s Love at Winterblast Youth Retreat

A group of 18 teens and 6 mentors from 18 South Youth Center journeyed three hours to Dallas, Pa., just outside of Wilkes-Barre, during the weekend of March 6-8 to experience our first Winterblast Youth Retreat at Camp Orchard Hill. This weekend was extra special because rather than being an event created for church youth groups, these three days were designated specifically for youth centers. It was my heart and desire that this experience would be intimately tailored to speak directly to the unique situations of our 18 South crew, and those wishes were fully met in every possible way.


The topic from our weekend was that God is the missing piece (and peace) in our lives. Pastor Josh Ott spoke directly to the hearts of our teens, explaining to them that God loves them no matter what and that He loved them so much that He was willing to die for them because they are worthy and worthwhile. His message truly sunk deep down into the spirits of our youth, as was made evident during our small group discussions throughout Saturday. The truth of God’s love was firmly planted within our teens to the point that even a week later, when asked what they got out of their trip, their responses spoke of God’s unconditional love over and over again. We have worked hard at 18 South for the past three years that I’ve been employed there to create an atmosphere where youth could so readily receive the Gospel, and it was amazing to see the faces of these teens light up as they realized their worth in Christ.


Worship artist George Moss led lively worship sessions throughout the weekend, using his high-energy performances to capture the attention of our teens and engage them in the process of having a dance party in the name of Jesus. Our entire experience was enhanced by the high-energy presentation of events given by the staff at Camp Orchard Hill, from encouraging leaders to dance on the chairs in the dining hall to getting every attendee hyped up and involved in the Saturday evening trivia game.


The rest of the trip was filled in with playing in the snow, tubing, ice skating, playing ice hockey, climbing the rock wall, tackling inflatable games, and just generally enjoying one another’s company. Our crew is still talking about the trip and begging to go back ASAP. Praise be to God for the great experience our group had on this trip and for providing the finances needed to cover the costs through Living Word Community Church in Red Lion!
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