2014 in Review at 18 South

A grand total of 280 teens visited 18 South Youth Center in 2014 – that’s an increase of 45% from 2013. We continue to attract more and more local youth with 196 teens visiting our center for the first time in 2014 – an increase of 62%. Collectively, those 280 teens visited the center 2,700 times throughout the year – an increase of 108%. We served an average of 81 teens each month. Our average number of teens per month in 2013 was just 45. In 2014, we brought our total number of teens ever to nearly 850.

In February, we took 15 teens to a youth retreat. In June, we took 12 teens to Creation Festival. We had countless opportunities to demonstrate and share the love of Christ to these teens. And some of them have begun to take steps of curiosity towards Jesus while on these trips or by accepting invitations to visit a church or a church-related home group.

In 2014, we launched our Grub Club Cooking Program – a dream that our founding board of directors had nearly a decade ago. We started out on one Thursday evening every other month, and by the beginning of the current school year we were feeding the teens a meal once a month.

Another milestone in 2014 was reached in April with the launch of Study Hall– our first afterschool program, and the fulfillment of yet another founding vision for 18 South. That program grew steadily with anywhere from 4 to 9 attendees each week.

We have not been without our struggles during the last year, but I truly feel that we have settled into an important stride here at 18 South in 2014. It is no longer a struggle to get our youth to engage with our volunteers. Every time I turn around, I see a volunteer surrounded by teens. Our youth have begun to take true pride in the family atmosphere we have been cultivating.

I have seen some remarkable changes in the attitudes of many of our attendees. I’ve seen those who have assumed we would scream at them be confused by our love for them. I’ve seen those who were quiet and lonely open up and share parts of who they are with us. I’ve seen those who were frustrating and disrespectful turn around and show others how to be respectful and appreciate the gift that is 18 South Youth Center.

I’ve heard so many teens confess that our youth center keeps them out of trouble, and that they know this is a place they can come for love, guidance, and protection. And I truly believe that our work is going to change the atmosphere and attitude of Red Lion borough in the years to come. Thank you so much for making all of this possible.

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