Introducing 18 South Youth Ministries

We are thrilled to announce that People That Care (PTC) Youth Services, Inc., has changed its name to 18 South Youth Ministries, Inc. Nothing is changing about our ministry, other than the name of our nonprofit and a few of our contact details. This change is being made in an effort to streamline our branding efforts.

For those who contribute via credit card each month, nothing is going to change other than the name that appears on your bank statement. You will now see your monthly donation go to 18 South Youth Ministries instead of PTC Youth Services. This change will happen automatically.

For those who write donations via check, effective Aug. 1, please make support checks payable to 18 South Youth Ministries. As of that date, we will no longer be able to deposit checks written out to PTC Youth Services.

Our new website address will be; our new general email address will be, and our executive director’s new email address will be

Thank you so incredibly much for your continued support of our vital work and for bearing with us while we make this change!

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Contact Us

18 South Youth Ministries
P.O. Box 472
Red Lion, PA 17356

18 South Youth Ministries

18 South Youth Ministries strives to create opportunities for caring, responsible adults with Christian values to build authentic relationships with youth. The nonprofit operates 18 South Youth Center in Red Lion, Pa., which has reached more than 1,000 teens since it opened in November 2007.