Teens Impacted by Jesus’ Love at Retreat

18 South is thrilled to share that one of our teens made a commitment to Jesus during our 2017 Summer Youth Retreat! Many others took steps closer to Jesus and received prayer, encouragement, and freedom from their struggles.

One teen shared that he was grateful for the opportunity to be able to talk to someone about the struggles in his life, and “I finally felt free. Though sometimes there will be doubts, I will always believe.”

Twelve teens and four mentors from 18 South enjoyed our Summer Youth Retreat during the weekend of July 28-30, 2017 at Camp Andrews in Lancaster County. Our theme for the weekend was based upon Romans 8:38: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God.”

Another teen shared that he enjoyed experiencing, “a closer bond with Jesus and our group.”

In particular, we focused on how God takes our mistakes and brokenness and turns them into something beautiful and all He requires in return is that we love Him. In between team building activities, each of our adults leaders took the time to share with the group about the mistakes and struggles they’ve dealt with in their own personal lives and how God has worked those situations out for good. We had many impactful sessions with encouragement, prayer, and worship.

“The thing that impacted me was that I could talk to someone about my problems,” another teen shared.

On Saturday evening, our time of encouragement began with creating tie-dye t-shirts so that the teens could have an experience where something really messy turns into something really beautiful. The shirts were later decorated with 18 South’s logo and presented to the teens so that they would have an important keepsake from their weekend.

“Finding out people care,” is what one teen said was the best part of the weekend for her.

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