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Corporal Keith Dyke

The supervisor of social and student services at Dallastown Area School District, Keith Dyke has been involved with 18 South Youth Ministries since 2008. He served for 18 years as a police officer with the York Area Regional Police Department.

A born again Christian, husband, and father of three children, Keith is passionate about individuals being intentional with using the resources they have been given to make a difference in the world. His favorite part about 18 South is hearing stories from volunteers about the relationships they’re building with teens and how those teens are coming to know Christ.

“I want to see our community transformed by the love of God,” Keith said. “When I talk to youth in our community, I find that many of them don’t feel valued. If we can connect with them and connect them to Christ, then real transformation will occur. That’s what I am all about.

A native of Red Lion, Keith is a graduate of Red Lion Area Senior High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Juniata College. He attends Providence Community Church in Spring Grove.

In his spare time, Keith enjoys anything that involves being outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, sports, etc. He also loves to teach the Bible and be used by God to help others grow in the Truth.


Sondra Tabeling

A native of Baltimore, Md., Sondra Tabeling joined our board as Treasurer in December 2016. Sondra moved to Red Lion, Pa., in 1997 to plant DOVE Community Church, which is now known as The Brook.

Sondra worked as a bookkeeper for Complete Bookkeeping Services in York for 5 years. She also has extensive experience in church accounting. In the past, she has worked as a legal secretary and medical transcriptionist. In her spare time, she enjoys working in the yard, sewing, bowling, and spending time with her two daughters and grandson.

An attendee and elder of The Brook, Sondra was instrumental in the launching of 18 South Youth Center. She was involved with the renovation process before the facility opened in November 2007 and helped to paint the walls and sew custom curtains. She also devoted many years to volunteering every Thursday and Friday evening, as well as purchasing items needed to restock the snack bar and cleaning supplies.

A graduate of Mercy High School in Baltimore, Sondra’s heart breaks for the hurting youth who frequent 18 South.

“I’ve seen good fruit come out of it…I’ve seen lives changed,” Sondra said. “It’s really cool when they’re sad that they are too old to attend the youth center. It means you’re doing something right.”


Marilyn Carrigan

A native of northern New Jersey, Marilyn joined 18 South Youth Ministries’ board of directors in August 2016. She moved to Red Lion in 2005 with her husband, Bill, to be closer to their two children and four grandchildren.

Marilyn is a graduate of the New Jersey Academy of Banking and worked for 19 years in personal care as an advocate for Alzheimer, Dementia, and Geriatric patients, which ignited her passion to support those who cannot or do not know how to speak for themselves.

“I believe that all people deserve respect and dignity,” she said.

She spent the last 15 years of her career working on the management team at Pier One Imports until she retired in February 2016.

“The teens in this program did not choose their current circumstances; they are, however, choosing to come to a safe place where people care about them and accept them for who they are,” Marilyn said. “These kids are our future. God has big plans for them.”

Marilyn attends Living Word Community Church and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, hiking, swimming, and golfing. Her favorite place to visit is the ocean, where she loves to spend time with God.


Carey Howard
Board Member

A skateboarding mentor, teacher, and advocate of more than 15 years, Carey Howard joined the board of directors of 18 South Youth Ministries in June 2014. He is the president of Howard Manufacturing Services LLC in York and has been skateboarding since he was 5 years old. He attends Living Word Community Church.

A graduate of North County High School in Maryland, Carey’s absolute passion is using skateboarding to reach unchurched youth.

“Fundamentally, I really believe in engaging youth and being an encourager. I want to catch kids at a certain age and impact them,” Carey said. “Skateboarding is a relational activity and a foundation builder. It’s meeting kids where they’re at. I can take skateboarding and create analogies for life.”

In his spare time, Carey also enjoys snowboarding, tinkering with cars, and spending time with his wife, Leah, and their three children: Camden, Keira, and Nadia.

For Carey, the most rewarding part of working with youth is witnessing them begin to understand salvation and apply biblical principles to their life.

“There are a lot of kids that just don’t have parents that talk to them and so they seek attention in really terrible ways,” Carey said. “They just want to be around people that care.”


Jimmy Ilyes
Board Member

A 2005 graduate of Spring Grove Area High School, Jimmy began volunteering at 18 South Youth Center in February 2014 and joined 18 South Youth Ministries as a board member in July 2016. He works as a service technician at Hoober, Inc., and is the former owner of Woods Riders in Red Lion.

As a board member, Jimmy hopes to connect the youth center to the local community, while also connecting with the teens in the town where he lives and works.

“I just love the vision for the youth center. I think it’s a good place where people are being loved,” Jimmy said. “Scripture calls us to simply love people, and I think it’s being done really well there.”

An attendee of Providence Community Church in Spring Grove, Jimmy grew up on his family’s farm near Spring Grove. In his spare time, he loves riding dirt bikes.

When asked how he would encourage those who are considering becoming a volunteer at 18 South, Jimmy said, “Pick one kid over the next year and get to know them, and I think they’ll find they’ll be extremely surprised by what happens.”


Becky Schor
Board Member

A native of Maryland, Becky and her husband, Paul, moved to Pennsylvania when their first son was born in 2000. She currently resides in Red Lion with her husband and two sons, Alex and Cooper. Becky joined our board in October 2016 and has been a devoted volunteer at 18 South Youth Center since October 2015.

Becky has been a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway for more than 10 years and is armed with 25 years’ worth of experience in advertising and marketing from her former career working in Baltimore. She also co-owns The Bees Knees, a home goods and gift shop on Main Street in Red Lion, with her mother-in-law.

An attendee of Living Word Community Church, Becky always felt a calling to work with youth and began to do so by loving on the babies in the nursery at church.

“I began to feel God’s calling to work with teenagers. While there were many wonderful opportunities to do so at church, it wasn’t until I walked in the door of 18 South that a flood of emotion came over me and I knew that was where I needed to be,” Becky said.

Becky loves each and every kid and volunteer at 18 South and enthusiastically encourages anyone that may have a heart and listening ear for the hurting and underprivileged youth in our community to come check out 18 South!

“You just never know how a loving word or kind gesture can change the direction of a teen’s life,” said Becky.


Paul Dauenbaugh
Board Member

Paul and his family moved to Red Lion, Pa., from Lebanon, Pa., in 2014 when he became the pastor of Pleasant View Brethren in Christ Church. He joined the board in February 2017.

A graduate of Messiah College and Evangelical Seminary, Paul is equipped with more than 15 years worth of experience working in youth ministry in church, para-church, rural, suburban, and urban settings. As a pastor, he is passionate about teaching others about Jesus.

“Having worked at non-profit youth ministries and a homeless shelter for families, I always had a heart for the kids on the margin, so 18 South was just a natural fit for me,” Paul said. “I get excited to watch teens learn and grow as people and as they meet Jesus.”

In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing guitar, golfing, being in nature, and spending time with his wife, Dawn, and his two daughters, Korrine and Ashlyn.


If you are interested in filling a seat on 18 South’s Board of Directors, please contact our Executive Director, Jessica Cauller, at




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