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Max Halterman
Director of 18 South Youth Center

Max Halterman came on board as a mentor at 18 South Youth Center in the fall of 2013. By the spring of 2014, he he volunteered to step up as the center’s assistant director, and in February 2016 he was officially hired as the director of 18 South Youth Center.

Max is a 2009 graduate of Kennard-Dale High School with a degree in Music Education from Messiah College. His passion for youth comes from many years of experience interacting with young people of all ages and backgrounds, which has led him to realize how important and rare it is for youth to have a balanced home life and a solid support system. It is his desire to help provide some of that balance and support.

“I’ve seen several teens who do not have a good home life or support system make a big change in terms of their attitude, their behavior, and their overall outlook on life as a direct result of the relationships they’ve formed with the staff at 18 South,” Max said. “I know being at the center and building relationships is where I’m supposed to be. Seeing these kinds of changes is the reason I’m more than okay with that fact.”

Alia Dyke
Ministry Coordinator of 18 South Youth Ministries

Alia Dyke was hired as 18 South’s Ministry Coordinator in March 2018. With three years of experience in leadership with youth in the church, Alia believes strongly in motivating the next generation. Her passion for youth comes from her own high school years. 

 “I always had people pouring into me and believing in my life and dreams. I want to be that same voice for other teens,” Alia said. “If not for the faithful adults and young adults that dedicated their time and energy to my life and spirit, I would not be who I am today. I believe all youth need that time and love.” 

 An attendee of Providence Community Church in Spring Grove, Pa., Alia graduated as a home school student in the Red Lion Area School District in 2017. She is working to complete her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Harrisburg Area Community College and has more than three years of experience in the event planning and marketing industry. 

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18 South Youth Ministries

18 South Youth Ministries strives to create opportunities for caring, responsible adults with Christian values to build authentic relationships with youth. The nonprofit operates 18 South Youth Center in Red Lion, Pa., which has reached more than 1,000 teens since it opened in November 2007.